Tenerife South (TFS) airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Spain
City - Tenerife
Name of the Airport - Tenerife South
GPS - 28.05, -16.58
WWW - www.aena.es
Address - 38610 Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife,Spain
Phone - +34 913211000 | +34 902404704
Terminals - 1
Information - Weather, Airlines, Maps, Statistics
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Tenerife South Airport - map

Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (0 GMT)

Tenerife South Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
18:05 W63021 Bucharest Wizz Air
18:10 HV6673 Amsterdam Transavia Landed
18:10 DL7497 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Landed
18:10 KL2629 Amsterdam KLM Landed
18:25 I23928 Madrid Iberia Express En Route
18:25 AA8689 Madrid American Airlines En Route
18:25 IB3928 Madrid Iberia En Route
18:35 FR3152 Leicestershire Ryanair
18:35 NO1620 Milan Neos
18:40 LS1265 Birmingham Jet2 En Route
18:55 FR4332 Manchester Ryanair En Route
19:00 FR7122 Dublin Ryanair En Route
19:15 JAF6396 Lanzarote TUI fly Scheduled
19:15 JAF6395 Lanzarote TUI fly Scheduled
19:20 TOM4172 London TUI Airways En Route
19:35 CXI1046 Cologne Corendon Airlines Europe
19:50 FR6621 Edinburgh Ryanair En Route
19:55 LS223 Leeds Jet2 En Route
20:05 LS633 Leicestershire Jet2 En Route
20:05 LS1293 Birmingham Jet2 En Route
20:20 U26949 Edinburgh easyJet En Route

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Source: www.aena.es
(Our website is not responsible for the accuracy of arrivals/departures)

Tenerife South Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
18:10 LS728 Edinburgh Jet2 Scheduled
18:15 U25152 London easyJet Scheduled
18:40 U22038 London easyJet
18:45 W63022 Bucharest Wizz Air
18:55 EI765 Dublin Aer Lingus Scheduled
18:55 EY7984 Dublin Etihad Airways Scheduled
19:00 I23929 Madrid Iberia Express Scheduled
19:00 AA8696 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
19:00 IB3929 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
19:00 HV6674 Amsterdam Transavia Scheduled
19:00 KL2630 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
19:00 OR650 Amsterdam TUIfly Netherlands Scheduled
19:10 FR3153 Leicestershire Ryanair Scheduled
19:25 NO1620 Las Palmas Neos
19:30 LS1266 Birmingham Jet2 Scheduled
19:30 FR4331 Manchester Ryanair Scheduled
19:40 FR7120 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
20:05 JAF6396 Lille TUI fly Scheduled
20:25 FR6622 Edinburgh Ryanair Scheduled
20:30 CXI1047 Cologne Corendon Airlines Europe
20:35 TOM4173 London TUI Airways Scheduled
20:45 LS224 Leeds Jet2 Scheduled

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Source: www.aena.es
(Our website is not responsible for the accuracy of arrivals/departures)