Airport Fiumicino Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Italy
City - Rome
Name of the Airport - Rome Fiumicino
GPS - 41.8, 12.25
Address - Via dell' Aeroporto di Fiumicino, 320, 00054 Fiumicino RM, Italy
Phone - +39 06 65951
Terminals - 4
Information - Weather, Airlines, Maps, Statistics
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Rome Fiumicino Airport - map

Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+1 GMT)

Rome Fiumicino Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
21:15 W62341 Budapest Wizz Air Scheduled
21:35 FR1160 Catania Ryanair Landed
22:15 LH1872 Munich Lufthansa Landed
22:15 UA9563 Munich United Airlines Landed
22:40 ET703 Milan Ethiopian Airlines Landed
22:40 TP8981 Milan TAP Air Portugal Landed
22:45 KL1609 Amsterdam KLM Landed
22:45 AM6518 Amsterdam Aeromexico Landed
22:45 CZ7628 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines Landed
22:45 G35554 Amsterdam Gol Landed
22:45 KQ1609 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Landed
22:45 MF9697 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Landed
22:45 MU1811 Amsterdam China Eastern Airlines Landed
22:45 VS5669 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Landed
23:05 AF1004 Paris Air France Landed
23:05 AM6035 Paris Aeromexico Landed
23:05 MU8693 Paris China Eastern Airlines Landed
23:05 VS6369 Paris Virgin Atlantic Landed

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Rome Fiumicino Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
21:35 AZ722 Athens Alitalia Landed
21:35 JU7352 Athens Air Serbia Landed
21:35 KE6285 Athens Korean Air Landed
21:35 MU8229 Athens China Eastern Airlines Landed
21:35 AZ1431 Turin Alitalia Landed
21:35 FB1605 Turin Bulgaria Air Landed
21:35 JU7280 Turin Air Serbia Landed
21:35 NH6684 Turin ANA Landed
21:35 TP7216 Turin TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:35 AZ1735 Catania Alitalia Landed
21:35 FB1677 Catania Bulgaria Air Landed
21:35 JU7300 Catania Air Serbia Landed
21:35 MU8211 Catania China Eastern Airlines Landed
21:35 TP7198 Catania TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:35 AZ1161 Reggio Calabria Alitalia Landed
21:35 FB1697 Reggio Calabria Bulgaria Air Landed
21:35 JU7222 Reggio Calabria Air Serbia Landed
21:35 TP7298 Reggio Calabria TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:35 AZ1173 Lamezia-Terme Alitalia Landed
21:35 FB1649 Lamezia-Terme Bulgaria Air Landed
21:35 JU7274 Lamezia-Terme Air Serbia Landed
21:35 KL3473 Lamezia-Terme KLM Landed
21:35 TP7182 Lamezia-Terme TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:40 AZ1579 Alghero Alitalia Landed
21:40 TP7148 Alghero TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:40 AZ1473 Venice Alitalia Landed
21:40 FB1621 Venice Bulgaria Air Landed
21:40 JU7318 Venice Air Serbia Landed
21:40 KE6299 Venice Korean Air Landed
21:40 MU8202 Venice China Eastern Airlines Landed
21:40 NH6682 Venice ANA Landed
21:40 TP7124 Venice TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:45 AZ1267 Naples Alitalia Landed
21:45 FB1645 Naples Bulgaria Air Landed
21:45 JU7325 Naples Air Serbia Landed
21:45 KL3460 Naples KLM Landed
21:45 NH6686 Naples ANA Landed
21:45 TP7270 Naples TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:45 AZ1783 Palermo Alitalia En Route
21:45 FB1665 Palermo Bulgaria Air En Route
21:45 JU7310 Palermo Air Serbia En Route
21:45 KL3463 Palermo KLM En Route
21:45 OK3558 Palermo CSA En Route
21:45 TP7282 Palermo TAP Air Portugal En Route
21:50 AZ510 Tirana Alitalia Landed
21:50 AF9764 Tirana Air France Landed
21:50 JU7133 Tirana Air Serbia Landed
21:50 KL3444 Tirana KLM Landed
21:50 SU4193 Tirana Aeroflot Landed
21:50 AZ862 Tunis Alitalia Landed
21:50 AZ1389 Genoa Alitalia Landed
21:50 FB1611 Genoa Bulgaria Air Landed
21:50 JU7394 Genoa Air Serbia Landed
21:50 KL3446 Genoa KLM Landed
21:50 TP7154 Genoa TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:50 AZ1599 Cagliari Alitalia Landed
21:50 AZ1901 Olbia Alitalia Landed
21:50 AZ2130 Milan Alitalia Landed
21:50 FB1691 Milan Bulgaria Air Landed
21:50 AZ1493 Verona Alitalia Landed
21:50 AF9763 Verona Air France Landed
21:50 FB1615 Verona Bulgaria Air Landed
21:50 JU7176 Verona Air Serbia Landed
21:50 KL3484 Verona KLM Landed
21:50 TP7250 Verona TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:50 AZ1681 Florence Alitalia Landed
21:50 FB1639 Florence Bulgaria Air Landed
21:50 JU7336 Florence Air Serbia Landed
21:50 KM2572 Florence Air Malta Landed
21:50 MU8215 Florence China Eastern Airlines Landed
21:50 NH6678 Florence ANA Landed
21:50 TP7266 Florence TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:50 AZ1363 Trieste Alitalia Landed
21:50 AF9767 Trieste Air France Landed
21:50 FB1633 Trieste Bulgaria Air Landed
21:50 JU7321 Trieste Air Serbia Landed
21:50 KL3478 Trieste KLM Landed
21:50 TP7228 Trieste TAP Air Portugal Landed
21:55 W62342 Budapest Wizz Air Scheduled
22:10 AZ894 Cairo Alitalia En Route
22:10 EY2918 Cairo Etihad Airways En Route
22:10 JU7261 Cairo Air Serbia En Route
22:10 KE6287 Cairo Korean Air En Route
22:10 FR1170 Catania Ryanair Landed
23:40 ET703 Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines En Route
23:40 A31974 Addis Ababa Aegean Airlines En Route
23:40 AZ7158 Addis Ababa Alitalia En Route
23:40 TP8981 Addis Ababa TAP Air Portugal En Route

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