Rhodes (RHO) airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Greece
City - Rhodes
Name of the Airport - Rhodes
GPS - 36.4, 28.09
WWW - www.rhodes-airport.org
Address - Paradisi 851 06, Greece
Phone - +30 2241 088700
Terminals - 1
Information - Weather, Airlines, Maps, Statistics
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Rhodes Airport - map

Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+2 GMT)

Rhodes Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
05:00 CXI9156 Hanover Corendon Airlines Europe Unknown
08:00 GQ100 Heraklion Sky Express Landed
08:40 OA97 Kastellorizo Olympic Air
08:40 A37097 Kastellorizo Aegean Airlines
08:40 X34412 Nuremberg TUIfly En Route
09:00 X34312 Hanover TUIfly Landed
09:00 X34262 Frankfurt TUIfly Landed
09:15 OA202 Athens Olympic Air Landed
09:15 A37202 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
09:45 X34292 Munich TUIfly En Route
09:55 BV2926 Milan Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
10:10 X34928 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse TUIfly En Route
10:20 X34588 Dusseldorf TUIfly En Route
10:30 CND863 Maastricht Corendon Dutch Airlines Scheduled
10:35 EW2694 Stuttgart Eurowings Landed
10:35 FR6608 Catania Ryanair Landed
10:40 W64725 Dortmund Wizz Air Landed
11:30 GQ61 Karpathos Sky Express Landed
11:35 OA93 Kastellorizo Olympic Air Landed
11:35 A37093 Kastellorizo Aegean Airlines Landed
11:40 EW9630 Dusseldorf Eurowings Landed
11:45 CND613 Amsterdam Corendon Dutch Airlines Scheduled
12:00 U25691 Berlin easyJet Landed
12:00 FR2422 Kaunas Ryanair Landed
12:05 JAF5322 Kos TUI fly Landed
12:35 FR8584 London Ryanair Landed
12:35 JAF2252 Heraklion TUI fly Landed
12:40 BBG692 Tel Aviv-Yafo Blue Bird Airways Scheduled
13:00 EW1886 Munich Eurowings Landed
13:00 LH5246 Munich Lufthansa Landed
13:05 LDM602 Vienna Lauda Scheduled
13:40 CXI9162 Erfurt Corendon Airlines Europe En Route
14:25 OA204 Athens Olympic Air Landed
14:25 A37204 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
15:10 BV2504 Bologna Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
15:10 OA580 Thessaloniki Olympic Air Landed
15:10 A37580 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines Landed
15:20 A3481 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines Landed
15:20 LH5954 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
15:50 TVQ6320 Heraklion Travel Service Slovensko En Route
16:05 LS1449 London Jet2 Landed
16:25 FR5366 Rome Ryanair Landed
16:30 LS819 Manchester Jet2 En Route
17:10 LH1258 Frankfurt Lufthansa
17:10 A31549 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines
17:15 BA2556 London British Airways Landed
17:40 LS635 Leicestershire Jet2 En Route
18:15 U24239 Paris easyJet
18:40 EW7644 Hamburg Eurowings Landed
18:45 FR188 Dusseldorf Ryanair Landed
19:05 X34706 Stuttgart TUIfly Landed
19:05 OA210 Athens Olympic Air Landed
19:05 A37210 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
19:20 EDW346 Zurich Edelweiss Air Landed
19:20 LX8346 Zurich SWISS Landed
19:35 SN3233 Brussels Brussels Airlines Landed
19:35 U28791 London easyJet Landed
19:40 EW5632 Salzburg Eurowings Landed
20:05 FR9178 Naples Ryanair Landed
20:10 LS1283 Birmingham Jet2
20:10 FR3589 Pisa Ryanair Landed
20:10 6H513 Tel Aviv-Yafo Israir Airlines Landed
20:20 GQ51 Samos Sky Express Landed
20:25 U28793 London easyJet Landed
20:30 TOM1656 Newcastle TUI Airways En Route
20:35 W65549 Milan Wizz Air Scheduled
20:50 TOM7644 Birmingham TUI Airways En Route
21:15 TOM6622 Cardiff TUI Airways Landed
21:30 TOM5644 London TUI Airways En Route
21:30 CXI9164 Memmingen Corendon Airlines Europe En Route
21:35 TOM1666 Glasgow TUI Airways En Route
21:45 LS581 Newcastle Jet2 Landed
22:10 QS1112 Prague SmartWings En Route
22:10 OK4430 Prague CSA En Route
22:10 TOM4660 London TUI Airways Landed
22:40 U22005 London easyJet Landed
22:45 U27267 Liverpool easyJet Landed
22:50 BV2604 Milan Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
22:55 A3483 Zurich Aegean Airlines Landed
23:00 TOM2658 Manchester TUI Airways En Route
23:00 TOM7646 Leicestershire TUI Airways Landed
23:10 LS421 Leeds Jet2 Landed
23:25 OA218 Athens Olympic Air Landed
23:25 A37218 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
23:40 TOM6654 Bristol TUI Airways En Route

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Source: www.rhodes-airport.org
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Rhodes Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
00:30 TOM7583 Birmingham TUI Airways Landed
06:00 CXI9161 Erfurt Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
06:35 OA201 Athens Olympic Air Landed
06:35 A37201 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
07:00 OA96 Kastellorizo Olympic Air
07:00 A37096 Kastellorizo Aegean Airlines
08:05 A3480 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines Landed
08:05 LH5955 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
08:30 GQ60 Karpathos Sky Express En Route
09:35 X34293 Munich TUIfly Landed
09:50 OA203 Athens Olympic Air Landed
09:50 A37203 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
09:50 X34263 Frankfurt TUIfly Landed
09:55 OA92 Kastellorizo Olympic Air Landed
09:55 A37092 Kastellorizo Aegean Airlines Landed
10:00 X34313 Hanover TUIfly Landed
10:45 X34413 Nuremberg TUIfly Landed
10:45 BV2927 Milan Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
11:05 X34929 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse TUIfly Landed
11:20 X34589 Dusseldorf TUIfly Landed
11:20 CND864 Maastricht Corendon Dutch Airlines Scheduled
11:20 FR6609 Catania Ryanair Landed
11:20 W64726 Dortmund Wizz Air Landed
11:25 EW2695 Stuttgart Eurowings Landed
12:00 GQ50 Samos Sky Express En Route
12:25 FR2423 Kaunas Ryanair Landed
12:25 EW1887 Munich Eurowings Landed
12:25 LH5247 Munich Lufthansa Landed
12:45 CND614 Amsterdam Corendon Dutch Airlines Scheduled
12:50 U25692 Berlin easyJet Landed
12:55 JAF5322 Lille TUI fly Landed
13:00 FR8585 London Ryanair Landed
13:30 JAF2252 Brussels TUI fly Landed
13:30 LDM603 Vienna Lauda Scheduled
13:40 BBG691 Tel Aviv-Yafo Blue Bird Airways Scheduled
13:45 EW9631 Dusseldorf Eurowings Landed
14:30 CXI9163 Memmingen Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
15:00 OA205 Athens Olympic Air Landed
15:00 A37205 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
15:45 OA581 Thessaloniki Olympic Air Landed
15:45 A37581 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines Landed
15:50 BV2505 Bologna Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
16:00 A3482 Zurich Aegean Airlines Landed
16:40 TVQ6320 Bratislava Travel Service Slovensko Landed
16:50 FR5367 Rome Ryanair Landed
17:05 LS1450 London Jet2 Landed
17:30 LS820 Manchester Jet2 Landed
18:10 LH1259 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
18:10 A31551 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines Landed
18:10 BA2557 London British Airways Landed
18:40 LS636 Leicestershire Jet2 Landed
18:55 U24240 Paris easyJet
19:20 FR189 Dusseldorf Ryanair Landed
19:30 EW7645 Hamburg Eurowings Landed
20:00 OA211 Athens Olympic Air Landed
20:00 A37211 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
20:05 X34707 Stuttgart TUIfly Landed
20:10 EDW347 Zurich Edelweiss Air Landed
20:10 LX8347 Zurich SWISS Landed
20:15 U28792 London easyJet En Route
20:25 EW5633 Salzburg Eurowings Landed
20:35 SN3234 Brussels Brussels Airlines En Route
20:35 FR3588 Pisa Ryanair Landed
20:40 FR9179 Naples Ryanair Landed
20:50 GQ101 Heraklion Sky Express En Route
20:55 LS1284 Birmingham Jet2
21:10 6H514 Tel Aviv-Yafo Israir Airlines Landed
21:15 U28794 London easyJet En Route
21:20 W65550 Milan Wizz Air Scheduled
21:45 U27155 Larnaca easyJet
21:45 TOM1657 Newcastle TUI Airways En Route
21:55 TOM7645 Birmingham TUI Airways En Route
22:20 TOM6623 Cardiff TUI Airways En Route
22:30 CXI9165 Hanover Corendon Airlines Europe Scheduled
22:30 TOM5645 London TUI Airways En Route
22:35 TOM1667 Glasgow TUI Airways En Route
22:40 LS582 Newcastle Jet2 En Route
22:55 QS1113 Prague SmartWings En Route
22:55 OK4431 Prague CSA En Route
23:25 U27268 Liverpool easyJet Scheduled
23:25 TOM4661 London TUI Airways Scheduled
23:30 BV2605 Milan Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
23:30 U22006 London easyJet En Route
23:55 LS422 Leeds Jet2 Scheduled

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Source: www.rhodes-airport.org
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