Palma de Mallorca airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Spain
City - Palma
Name of the Airport - Palma de Mallorca
GPS - 39.55, 2.73
Address - 07611 Palma, Mallorca (Baleares), Spain
Phone - +34 913211000 | +34 902404704
Terminals - 1
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Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+1 GMT)

Palma de Mallorca Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
06:15 LDM150 Dusseldorf Lauda Scheduled
06:40 LDM300 Dusseldorf Lauda Scheduled
07:00 X32128 Frankfurt TUIfly Scheduled
07:05 X32314 Hanover TUIfly Scheduled
07:10 FR4239 Toulouse Ryanair Landed
07:40 LDM140 Dusseldorf Lauda Scheduled
07:45 IB8481 Menorca Iberia Landed
07:45 IB8511 Ibiza Iberia Landed
07:50 X32132 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse TUIfly Scheduled
08:00 UX1701 Ibiza Air Europa Landed
08:15 X32312 Dusseldorf TUIfly
08:15 DE1514 Dusseldorf Condor Scheduled
08:15 FR8664 Cologne Ryanair Landed
08:15 X32322 Dusseldorf TUIfly Scheduled
08:15 FR7558 Dusseldorf Ryanair
08:25 X32692 Saarbruecken TUIfly Scheduled
08:30 HV5623 Amsterdam Transavia Landed
08:30 KL2675 Amsterdam KLM Landed
08:35 X32396 Hanover TUIfly Cancelled
08:45 SWT8168 Barcelona Swiftair Scheduled
08:55 X32714 Stuttgart TUIfly Scheduled

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Palma de Mallorca Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
06:25 FR2052 Madrid Ryanair Landed
06:30 FR6363 Barcelona Ryanair Landed
06:35 LDM2445 Stuttgart Lauda Scheduled
06:45 FR9190 London Ryanair En Route
06:45 U21056 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse easyJet En Route
06:45 FR7249 Muenster Ryanair En Route
06:50 LDM151 Dusseldorf Lauda Scheduled
06:50 VY3942 Sevilla Vueling Landed
06:50 IB5368 Sevilla Iberia Landed
06:50 LDM4000 Dresden Lauda Scheduled
06:55 FR111 Berlin Ryanair
07:00 FR7322 Munich Ryanair En Route
07:00 UX6006 Barcelona Air Europa Landed
07:00 AZ2407 Barcelona Alitalia Landed
07:00 DL6747 Barcelona Delta Air Lines Landed
07:00 EY4388 Barcelona Etihad Airways Landed
07:00 KL3350 Barcelona KLM Landed
07:00 SU3649 Barcelona Aeroflot Landed
07:00 VY3915 Barcelona Vueling Landed
07:00 IB5353 Barcelona Iberia Landed
07:00 QR3793 Barcelona Qatar Airways Landed
07:00 U28622 London easyJet En Route
07:05 UX4005 Valencia Air Europa Landed
07:05 AZ2467 Valencia Alitalia Landed
07:15 FR5943 Bournemouth Ryanair En Route
07:15 LDM301 Dusseldorf Lauda Scheduled
07:40 VY3923 Barcelona Vueling Landed
07:40 IB5016 Barcelona Iberia Landed
07:40 QR3674 Barcelona Qatar Airways Landed
07:45 FR2037 Dortmund Ryanair En Route
07:45 FR4240 Toulouse Ryanair En Route
08:00 UX6012 Madrid Air Europa En Route
08:00 AM6833 Madrid Aeromexico En Route
08:00 AR7321 Madrid Aerolineas Argentinas En Route
08:00 AZ2441 Madrid Alitalia En Route
08:00 DL6740 Madrid Delta Air Lines En Route
08:00 KL3342 Madrid KLM En Route
08:00 SU3665 Madrid Aeroflot En Route
08:00 TK9389 Madrid Turkish Airlines En Route
08:00 X32129 Frankfurt TUIfly Scheduled
08:15 LDM141 Dusseldorf Lauda Scheduled
08:20 IB8510 Ibiza Iberia En Route
08:30 IB8494 Menorca Iberia Scheduled
08:35 UX1702 Ibiza Air Europa Scheduled
08:50 X32133 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse TUIfly Scheduled
08:50 FR8665 Cologne Ryanair Scheduled
08:50 FR7559 Dusseldorf Ryanair Scheduled

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