Airport Madrid Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Spain
City - Madrid
Name of the Airport - Madrid Barajas
GPS - 40.47, -3.57
Address - Avenida de la Hispanidad, s/n. 28042 Madrid, Spain
Phone - +34 913211000 | +34 902404704
Terminals - 4
Information - Weather, Airlines, Maps, Statistics
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Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+1 GMT)

Madrid Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
21:10 IB3445 Paris Iberia Landed
21:15 FR5279 Tenerife Ryanair Landed
21:40 UX9117 Tenerife Air Europa Landed
21:40 SU3675 Tenerife Aeroflot Landed
21:50 W63763 Craiova Wizz Air Landed
21:50 UX9165 Las Palmas Air Europa Landed
21:50 SU3657 Las Palmas Aeroflot Landed
22:10 IB3167 London Iberia Landed
22:10 AA8856 London American Airlines Landed
22:10 BA7059 London British Airways Landed
22:10 JL6984 London JAL Landed
22:10 LA7139 London LATAM Airlines Landed
22:10 IB3255 Milan Iberia Landed
22:20 IB8937 Granada Iberia Landed
22:20 AA8556 Granada American Airlines Landed
22:30 IB8711 Frankfurt Iberia Landed
22:30 BT5229 Frankfurt Air Baltic Landed
22:30 JL6950 Frankfurt JAL Landed
22:35 UX6096 Palma Mallorca Air Europa Landed
22:40 IB8865 Alicante Iberia Landed
22:40 AA8549 Alicante American Airlines Landed
22:45 UX6028 Ibiza Air Europa Landed
22:45 IB8921 Almeria Iberia Landed
22:45 AA8553 Almeria American Airlines Landed
22:45 QR6522 Almeria Qatar Airways Landed
22:50 IB3293 Dubrovnik Iberia Landed
22:50 AA8877 Dubrovnik American Airlines Landed
22:50 IB8951 Malaga Iberia Landed
22:50 AA8527 Malaga American Airlines Landed
22:50 AV6168 Malaga SA AVIANCA Landed
22:55 IB3281 Athens Iberia Landed
23:00 IB521 La Coruna Iberia Landed
23:00 FR3057 Menorca Ryanair Landed
23:00 IB539 Vigo Iberia Landed
23:00 AV6013 Vigo SA AVIANCA Landed
23:00 LA5472 Vigo LATAM Airlines Landed
23:00 IB3229 Tenerife Iberia Landed
23:00 I23833 Las Palmas Iberia Express Landed
23:00 IB3833 Las Palmas Iberia Landed
23:00 LA5453 Las Palmas LATAM Airlines Landed
23:00 I23921 Palma Mallorca Iberia Express Landed
23:00 IB3921 Palma Mallorca Iberia Landed
23:00 LA7097 Palma Mallorca LATAM Airlines Landed
23:00 IB3067 Berlin Iberia Landed
23:00 IB2105 Barcelona Iberia Landed
23:00 AV6172 Barcelona SA AVIANCA Landed
23:00 VY9727 Barcelona Vueling Landed
23:10 AF1400 Paris Air France Landed
23:10 KE6377 Paris Korean Air Landed
23:10 MU4993 Paris China Eastern Airlines Landed
23:10 UX2232 Paris Air Europa Landed
23:10 VS6428 Paris Virgin Atlantic Landed
23:10 IB3105 Lisbon Iberia Landed
23:15 FR3067 Eindhoven Ryanair Landed
23:50 FR5357 Krakow Ryanair Cancelled

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Madrid Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
21:40 W64402 Sofia Wizz Air Landed
22:00 TK6437 Miami Turkish Airlines Scheduled
22:25 W63764 Craiova Wizz Air En Route
23:20 LA8065 Sao Paulo LATAM Airlines Scheduled
23:20 CA7104 Sao Paulo Air China LTD Scheduled
23:20 IB7065 Sao Paulo Iberia Scheduled
23:40 AM22 Mexico City Aeromexico Scheduled
23:40 OK3128 Mexico City CSA Scheduled
23:40 UX2451 Mexico City Air Europa Scheduled
23:55 IB6409 Mexico City Iberia Scheduled
23:55 AY5554 Mexico City Finnair Scheduled
23:55 BA4285 Mexico City British Airways Scheduled
23:55 LY9231 Mexico City El Al Scheduled
23:55 QR5066 Mexico City Qatar Airways Scheduled
03:00 IB2862 Tenerife Iberia En Route

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