London Stansted airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - England
City - London
Name of the Airport - London Stansted
GPS - 51.89, 0.26
Address - Bassingbourn Rd, Stansted CM24 1QW, England (UK)
Phone - +44 844 335 1803
Terminals - 1
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Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (0 GMT)

London Stansted Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
15:05 RK*2670 Modlin Ryanair UK Landed
15:15 FR713 Aarhus Ryanair Landed
15:15 FR2379 Dublin Ryanair Landed
15:30 FR8167 Tenerife Ryanair Landed
15:30 FR4199 Milan Ryanair Landed
15:30 FR9015 Barcelona Ryanair Landed
15:40 RK*3557 Marrakech Ryanair UK Scheduled
15:50 FR973 Genoa Ryanair
16:10 FR3132 Paphos Ryanair En Route
16:15 FR2747 Kaunas Ryanair En Route
16:25 FR465 Turin Ryanair En Route
16:30 FR4953 Perugia Ryanair En Route
16:35 FR2245 Vilnius Ryanair En Route
16:35 FR683 Stockholm Ryanair
16:40 FR8446 Budapest Ryanair
16:40 FR8777 Limoges Ryanair
16:50 FR8289 Lanzarote Ryanair En Route
16:55 FR294 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
16:55 FR795 Venice Ryanair
17:00 FR8406 Wroclaw Ryanair En Route
17:15 U2212 Glasgow easyJet Scheduled
17:40 FR9543 Faro Ryanair En Route
17:45 FR9773 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Ryanair Scheduled
17:45 FR2613 Santander Ryanair Scheduled
17:50 FR1887 Lisbon Ryanair
17:55 U2258 Belfast easyJet Scheduled

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London Stansted Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
15:30 CZ484 Guangzhou China Southern Airlines Scheduled
15:35 FR9282 Faro Ryanair En Route
15:55 LS1473 Ibiza Jet2 Scheduled
15:55 FR1524 Alicante Ryanair Scheduled
16:00 FR2698 Cluj-Napoca Ryanair Scheduled
16:00 FR9014 Barcelona Ryanair Scheduled
16:00 LS1449 Rhodes Jet2 Scheduled
16:05 FR4194 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
16:10 FR1836 Plovdiv Ryanair Scheduled
16:10 CV9737 Luxembourg Cargolux Scheduled
16:35 FR9967 Sofia Ryanair Scheduled
16:50 FR5998 Madrid Ryanair Scheduled
16:55 FR8582 Thessaloniki Ryanair Scheduled
17:00 FR8853 Malta Ryanair Scheduled
17:00 FR2244 Vilnius Ryanair Scheduled
17:20 FR3918 Palermo Ryanair Scheduled
17:20 FR8388 Zadar Ryanair Scheduled
17:25 FR8164 Malaga Ryanair Scheduled
17:30 FR58 Stockholm Ryanair Scheduled
17:30 RK*1364 Rabat Ryanair UK Cancelled
17:30 FR9251 Ibiza Ryanair Scheduled
17:30 FR8347 Porto Ryanair Scheduled
17:35 FR3004 Rome Ryanair Scheduled
17:45 FR8323 Valencia Ryanair Scheduled
17:45 U2211 Glasgow easyJet Scheduled
17:50 FR1882 Lisbon Ryanair Scheduled
17:55 FR2644 Riga Ryanair Scheduled

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