Airport Liege Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Belgium
City - Liege
Name of the Airport - Liege
GPS - 50.64, 5.46
Address - Rue de l’Aéroport, 4460 Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium
Phone - +32 4 234 84 11
Terminals - 1
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Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+1 GMT)

Liege Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
00:02 3V4297 Berlin ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
00:10 FI746 Leicestershire Icelandair Unknown
00:12 3V4091 Prague ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
00:14 3V4014 Leicestershire ASL Airlines Belgium
00:20 3V4324 Katowice ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
00:22 3V4143 Gothenburg ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
00:30 3V4811 Nuremberg ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
00:36 3V4267 Venice ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
00:38 3V4858 Lyon ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
00:38 3V4537 Munich ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
00:42 V8816 Munich Atran Unknown
00:44 3V4031 Dublin ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
00:52 3V4976 Rome ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
01:01 3V4082 Istanbul ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
01:01 3V4617 Barcelona ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
01:05 3V4947 Toulouse ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
01:10 3V4959 Porto ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
01:10 QR8164 Houston Qatar Airways
01:10 3V4315 Marseille ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
01:12 3V4251 Paris ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
01:20 3V4138 Vitoria ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
01:20 3V4426 Rennes ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
01:22 3V4095 Bologna ASL Airlines Belgium Unknown
02:13 LY821 Tel Aviv-Yafo El Al Landed
02:55 5C971 Tel Aviv-Yafo C.A.L. Cargo Airlines Unknown
06:00 ET3722 Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines Unknown
06:00 ET3901 Lagos Ethiopian Airlines Unknown
06:30 SV950 Nairobi Saudia
07:00 QR8776 Nairobi Qatar Airways
07:40 ET3605 Zhengzhou Ethiopian Airlines Unknown
08:05 QR8158 Panama City Qatar Airways Landed
08:49 FX5927 Memphis FedEx Landed
08:55 QR8722 Entebbe Qatar Airways Scheduled
09:55 U63867 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines
11:35 LY881 Tel Aviv-Yafo El Al
11:50 CA1069 Nanchang Air China LTD En Route
12:15 SV903 Jeddah Saudia
12:30 ET3938 Ndjamena Ethiopian Airlines Scheduled
14:10 U63685 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines
15:55 3V4849 Tel Aviv-Yafo ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
17:25 U63873 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines
23:00 LY1000 Hahn El Al Scheduled
03:00 3V11 Halifax ASL Airlines Belgium En Route
03:00 CC714 Greenville Air Atlanta Icelandic Landed

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Liege Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
00:25 RU526 Moscow AirBridgeCargo Unknown
00:40 QR8723 Doha Qatar Airways
02:30 5C811 Zhengzhou C.A.L. Cargo Airlines
03:25 QR8164 Doha Qatar Airways
04:14 3V4012 Leicestershire ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
04:16 3V4078 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
04:54 3V4125 Edinburgh ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
05:30 3V4848 Tel Aviv-Yafo ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
05:45 3V4081 Istanbul ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
07:00 5C972 Oslo C.A.L. Cargo Airlines Landed
07:30 ET3750 Guangzhou Ethiopian Airlines Scheduled
08:00 5C971 Atlanta C.A.L. Cargo Airlines Scheduled
09:10 ET3748 Shanghai Ethiopian Airlines
09:40 ET3709 Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines Scheduled
09:50 QR8777 Oslo Qatar Airways En Route
10:05 QR8158 Doha Qatar Airways
10:30 SV916 Jeddah Saudia
11:55 U63868 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines
13:30 ET3722 Zaragoza Ethiopian Airlines Scheduled
14:05 LY882 Tel Aviv-Yafo El Al Scheduled
14:50 CA1070 Nanchang Air China LTD Scheduled
16:10 U63686 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines
19:25 U63874 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines
20:15 SV903 New York Saudia En Route

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