Heraklion airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Greece
City - Heraklion
Name of the Airport - Heraklion
GPS - 35.34, 25.17
WWW - www.heraklion-airport.info
Address - Heraklion 716 01, Greece
Phone - +30 281 039 7129
Terminals - 1
Information - Weather, Airlines, Maps, Statistics
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Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+2 GMT)

Heraklion Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
00:15 GQ1811 Dortmund Sky Express Landed
00:20 A3433 Munich Aegean Airlines Landed
00:20 LH5922 Munich Lufthansa Landed
00:20 TP7415 Munich TAP Air Portugal Landed
00:20 CXI756 Katowice Corendon Airlines Europe Unknown
07:35 CXI164 Paderborn Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
07:45 OA570 Thessaloniki Olympic Air Landed
07:45 A37570 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines Landed
07:50 OA300 Athens Olympic Air Landed
07:50 A37300 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
08:50 GQ210 Athens Sky Express Landed
09:05 DE1662 Frankfurt Condor
09:10 EW676 Cologne Eurowings Landed
09:30 SDR4510 Dresden SundAir Landed
09:35 DE1600 Munich Condor Landed
09:35 EW4384 Salzburg Eurowings Landed
09:40 W62905 Vienna Wizz Air Landed
09:55 EDW348 Zurich Edelweiss Air Landed
09:55 LX8348 Zurich SWISS Landed
10:00 CXI7201 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse Corendon Airlines Europe Scheduled
10:00 X34106 Hanover TUIfly Landed
10:15 FR7984 Barcelona Ryanair Landed
10:15 DE1686 Hamburg Condor Landed
10:35 LH2712 Munich Lufthansa Landed
10:35 A31505 Munich Aegean Airlines Landed
10:55 OA306 Athens Olympic Air Landed
10:55 A37306 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
11:00 X34202 Frankfurt TUIfly Landed
11:00 BBG752 Tel Aviv-Yafo Blue Bird Airways Scheduled
11:10 BBG754 Tel Aviv-Yafo Blue Bird Airways Scheduled
11:15 TO4628 Nantes Transavia France Landed
11:35 HV6873 Amsterdam Transavia Landed
11:35 DL7502 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Landed
11:35 KL2614 Amsterdam KLM Landed
11:35 CND111 Amsterdam Corendon Dutch Airlines Landed
12:05 LS1241 Birmingham Jet2 Landed
12:10 LS443 Leeds Jet2 Landed
12:30 TO3500 Paris Transavia France Landed
12:50 FR7986 Brussels Ryanair Landed
13:00 U27967 Amsterdam easyJet Landed
13:10 U28761 London easyJet Landed
13:35 FR2115 Thessaloniki Ryanair Landed
14:05 OA314 Athens Olympic Air Landed
14:05 A37314 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
14:20 CXI154 Berlin Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
14:50 CXI168 Dusseldorf Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
14:55 TO4590 Montpellier Transavia France Landed
15:10 SU2126 Moscow Aeroflot Landed
15:20 CXI158 Friedrichshafen Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
15:35 A3449 Zurich Aegean Airlines Landed
16:05 LH1296 Frankfurt Lufthansa
16:05 A31825 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines
16:05 AC9648 Frankfurt Air Canada
16:05 U24745 Berlin easyJet Landed
16:15 AF1002 Paris Air France Landed
16:15 DL9195 Paris Delta Air Lines Landed
16:35 EW4078 Dortmund Eurowings Landed
17:15 OA318 Athens Olympic Air Landed
17:15 A37318 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
17:15 GQ560 Thessaloniki Sky Express Landed
17:20 GQ951 Paris Sky Express Landed
17:45 X34282 Munich TUIfly Landed
18:00 DE1668 Frankfurt Condor En Route
18:00 LS321 Belfast Jet2 Landed
18:00 DE1234 Zurich Condor En Route
18:25 TO3506 Paris Transavia France En Route
18:25 EW9670 Dusseldorf Eurowings En Route
18:35 LG883 Luxembourg Luxair En Route
18:45 X34714 Stuttgart TUIfly En Route
18:50 OA574 Thessaloniki Olympic Air En Route
18:50 A37574 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines En Route
18:55 HV5369 Rotterdam Transavia En Route
19:00 DE1616 Dusseldorf Condor En Route
19:05 TO3508 Paris Transavia France En Route
19:10 SQP521 Kiev/Kyiv SkyUP Airlines En Route
19:10 EW7674 Hamburg Eurowings En Route
19:20 FR30 Berlin Ryanair
19:30 X34104 Dusseldorf TUIfly En Route
19:40 FR323 Milan Ryanair En Route
19:55 OR143 Amsterdam TUIfly Netherlands En Route
20:00 DE1652 Leipzig/Halle Condor En Route
20:00 TO4820 Lyon Transavia France En Route
20:25 OA320 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled
20:25 A37320 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
20:25 GQ212 Athens Sky Express Scheduled
20:25 HV5909 Eindhoven Transavia En Route
20:35 U22355 London easyJet En Route
21:10 FR347 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
21:50 GQ101 Rhodes Sky Express Scheduled
22:40 CXI166 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Corendon Airlines Europe Scheduled
23:00 CXI174 Zurich Corendon Airlines Europe Scheduled
23:10 A3453 Paris Aegean Airlines Scheduled
23:10 VOE5051 Paris Volotea Scheduled
23:20 GQ214 Athens Sky Express Scheduled
23:30 OA328 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled
23:30 A37328 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled

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Heraklion Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
06:30 OA301 Athens Olympic Air Landed
06:30 A37301 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
07:00 GQ100 Rhodes Sky Express Landed
07:00 CXI153 Berlin Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
07:00 CXI167 Dusseldorf Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
08:00 GQ211 Athens Sky Express Landed
08:15 OA571 Thessaloniki Olympic Air Landed
08:15 A37571 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines Landed
08:25 OA303 Athens Olympic Air Landed
08:25 A37303 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
08:30 CXI157 Friedrichshafen Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
08:50 A3448 Zurich Aegean Airlines Landed
09:30 GQ950 Paris Sky Express Landed
09:55 EW677 Cologne Eurowings Landed
10:05 DE1663 Frankfurt Condor
10:15 EW4385 Salzburg Eurowings Landed
10:15 W62906 Vienna Wizz Air Landed
10:20 SDR4511 Dresden SundAir Landed
10:35 DE1653 Leipzig/Halle Condor Landed
10:40 BBG753 Tel Aviv-Yafo Blue Bird Airways Scheduled
10:40 FR7985 Barcelona Ryanair Landed
10:45 EDW349 Zurich Edelweiss Air Landed
10:45 LX8349 Zurich SWISS Landed
10:50 X34107 Hanover TUIfly En Route
11:00 CXI7202 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse Corendon Airlines Europe Scheduled
11:15 DE1687 Hamburg Condor Landed
11:30 LH2713 Munich Lufthansa Landed
11:30 A31504 Munich Aegean Airlines Landed
11:30 TP7573 Munich TAP Air Portugal Landed
11:35 OA307 Athens Olympic Air Landed
11:35 A37307 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
11:55 X34203 Frankfurt TUIfly Landed
12:00 BBG751 Tel Aviv-Yafo Blue Bird Airways Scheduled
12:00 TO4629 Nantes Transavia France Landed
12:25 HV5910 Eindhoven Transavia Landed
12:35 CND112 Amsterdam Corendon Dutch Airlines Landed
12:55 LS1242 Birmingham Jet2 Landed
13:00 LS444 Leeds Jet2 Landed
13:15 TO3501 Paris Transavia France Landed
13:15 FR7987 Brussels Ryanair Landed
13:45 U27968 Amsterdam easyJet Landed
13:55 U28762 London easyJet Landed
14:00 FR2116 Thessaloniki Ryanair Landed
14:45 OA315 Athens Olympic Air Landed
14:45 A37315 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
15:15 A3452 Paris Aegean Airlines En Route
15:15 VOE5050 Paris Volotea En Route
15:20 CXI165 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Corendon Airlines Europe En Route
15:40 TO4591 Montpellier Transavia France En Route
15:45 CXI173 Zurich Corendon Airlines Europe En Route
16:10 SU2127 Moscow Aeroflot En Route
16:20 CXI159 Dusseldorf Corendon Airlines Europe En Route
17:00 LH1297 Frankfurt Lufthansa
17:00 A31826 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines
17:00 AC9647 Frankfurt Air Canada
17:00 U24746 Berlin easyJet En Route
17:05 AF1003 Paris Air France En Route
17:05 DL8767 Paris Delta Air Lines En Route
17:25 EW4079 Dortmund Eurowings En Route
17:55 OA319 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled
17:55 A37319 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
17:55 GQ561 Thessaloniki Sky Express Scheduled
18:10 GQ213 Athens Sky Express Scheduled
18:35 X34283 Munich TUIfly Scheduled
18:50 DE1235 Zurich Condor Scheduled
19:00 DE1669 Frankfurt Condor Scheduled
19:00 LS322 Belfast Jet2 Scheduled
19:10 TO3507 Paris Transavia France Scheduled
19:15 EW9671 Dusseldorf Eurowings Scheduled
19:25 LG884 Luxembourg Luxair Scheduled
19:25 OA575 Thessaloniki Olympic Air Scheduled
19:25 A37575 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines Scheduled
19:35 X34715 Stuttgart TUIfly Scheduled
19:40 HV5370 Rotterdam Transavia Scheduled
19:50 FR31 Berlin Ryanair
19:50 TO3509 Paris Transavia France Scheduled
20:00 EW7675 Hamburg Eurowings Scheduled
20:00 DE1617 Dusseldorf Condor Scheduled
20:20 FR324 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
20:20 X34105 Dusseldorf TUIfly Scheduled
20:25 OR144 Amsterdam TUIfly Netherlands Scheduled
20:45 TO4821 Lyon Transavia France Scheduled
21:00 DE1601 Munich Condor Scheduled
21:05 GQ215 Athens Sky Express Scheduled
21:05 OA321 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled
21:05 A37321 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
21:10 HV6874 Amsterdam Transavia Scheduled
21:10 KL2620 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
21:20 U22356 London easyJet Scheduled
21:40 FR348 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
23:40 CXI155 Hanover Corendon Airlines Europe Scheduled

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Source: www.heraklion-airport.info
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