Faro (FAO) airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Portugal
City - Faro
Name of the Airport - Faro
GPS - 37.02, -7.97
WWW - aeroportofaro.pt
Address - 8001-701 Faro, Portugal
Phone - +351 289 800 800
Terminals - 1
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Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+0 GMT)

Faro Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
07:40 TO3470 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE Arrived
09:30 HV6607 Eindhoven TRANSAVIA Arrived
10:20 TP1907 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
10:20 U26005 Bristol EASYJET AIRLINES Arrived
10:25 U28913 London, Gatwick EASYJET AIRLINES Arrived
12:20 TO4630 Nantes TRANSAVIA FRANCE Arrived
13:35 EC5783 Berlin, Brandenburg EASYJET EUROPE Arrived
16:30 FR9282 London, Stansted RYANAIR Arrived
17:10 TP1909 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
17:20 BA2692 London, Heathrow BRITISH AIRWAYS Arrived
18:20 HV5357 Amsterdam TRANSAVIA Arrived
18:55 FR9214 Marseille RYANAIR Arrived
19:00 TO3474 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE Arrived
19:20 FR1766 East Midlands RYANAIR Arrived
20:05 FR5953 Bournemouth RYANAIR Arrived
20:20 FR7034 Dublin RYANAIR Arrived
20:35 FR4031 Liverpool RYANAIR Arrived
21:30 FR4052 Manchester RYANAIR Arrived
22:50 FR5486 Porto RYANAIR Arrived
23:45 TP1901 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Estimated

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Source: aeroportofaro.pt
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Faro Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
07:25 TP1900 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Departure
08:20 TO3471 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE Departure
10:20 HV6608 Eindhoven TRANSAVIA Departure
10:55 U28914 London, Gatwick EASYJET AIRLINES Departure
11:00 TP1908 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Departure
11:00 U26006 Bristol EASYJET AIRLINES Departure
12:55 TO3475 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE Departure
13:45 FR9213 Marseille RYANAIR Departure
13:55 FR7035 Dublin RYANAIR Departure
14:15 EC5784 Berlin, Brandenburg EASYJET EUROPE Departure
14:15 FR4032 Liverpool RYANAIR Departure
14:25 FR5954 Bournemouth RYANAIR Departure
15:00 FR4051 Manchester RYANAIR Departure
16:55 FR9283 London, Stansted RYANAIR Departure
17:55 TP1902 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Departure
18:15 BA2693 London, Heathrow BRITISH AIRWAYS Departure
19:10 HV5358 Amsterdam TRANSAVIA Departure
19:40 TO4631 Nantes TRANSAVIA FRANCE Departure
19:55 FR1767 East Midlands RYANAIR Departure
20:05 FR5487 Porto RYANAIR Departure

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Source: aeroportofaro.pt
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