Airport Dubrovnik Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Croatia
City - Dubrovnik
Name of the Airport - Dubrovnik
GPS - 42.56, 18.26
Address - 20213, Čilipi, Croatia
Phone - +385 20 773 100
Terminals - 2
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Dubrovnik Airport - map

Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+1 GMT)

Dubrovnik Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
08:40 TVP7796 Warsaw Smartwings Poland Scheduled
12:00 LO565 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Landed
13:15 OU6660 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Landed
13:25 LDM222 Vienna Lauda Scheduled
14:15 OS731 Vienna Austrian En Route
14:15 OU5507 Vienna Croatia Airlines En Route
14:20 OU477 Paris Croatia Airlines En Route
14:20 OZ9391 Paris Asiana Airlines En Route
14:20 AC2974 Paris Air Canada En Route
15:40 OU300 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
15:40 OS8401 Zagreb Austrian Scheduled
15:40 LO4285 Zagreb LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
15:40 LH5970 Zagreb Lufthansa Scheduled
16:20 OU624 Osijek Croatia Airlines Scheduled
16:25 TDR821 Split Trade Air Scheduled
16:25 OU5258 Split Croatia Airlines Scheduled
17:10 OU419 Frankfurt Croatia Airlines Scheduled
17:10 UA7256 Frankfurt United Airlines Scheduled
17:10 SK9311 Frankfurt SAS Scheduled
17:10 OZ9377 Frankfurt Asiana Airlines Scheduled
17:10 LH5990 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
17:55 LO8641 Poznan LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
18:10 LO8599 Katowice LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
20:35 OU301 Athens Croatia Airlines Scheduled
23:45 OU664 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled

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Dubrovnik Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
06:05 OU661 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Landed
07:25 OU418 Frankfurt Croatia Airlines Landed
07:25 UA7255 Frankfurt United Airlines Landed
07:25 SK9312 Frankfurt SAS Landed
07:25 OZ9378 Frankfurt Asiana Airlines Landed
07:25 LO4291 Frankfurt LOT - Polish Airlines Landed
07:25 LH5991 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
09:30 TVP7797 Warsaw Smartwings Poland Scheduled
13:00 LO8600 Katowice LOT - Polish Airlines En Route
13:50 OU625 Osijek Croatia Airlines Scheduled
14:05 LDM223 Vienna Lauda Scheduled
15:00 OS732 Vienna Austrian Scheduled
15:00 OU5506 Vienna Croatia Airlines Scheduled
15:10 OU665 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
16:20 OU300 Athens Croatia Airlines Scheduled
17:15 TDR822 Split Trade Air Scheduled
17:15 OU5259 Split Croatia Airlines Scheduled
18:55 LO8642 Poznan LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
19:00 LO566 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
21:15 OU301 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled

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