Dublin (DUB) airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Ireland
City - Dublin
Name of the Airport - Dublin
GPS - 53.43, -6.24
WWW - www.dublinairport.com
Address - Dublin, Ireland
Phone - +353 1 814 1111
Terminals - 2
Information - Weather, Airlines, Maps, Statistics
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Dublin Airport - map

Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+0 GMT)

Dublin Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Company Status
21:15 EI213 Manchester Aer Lingus Landed
21:15 BA2083 Manchester British Airways Landed
21:55 FR669 Birmingham Ryanair Landed
21:55 EI179 London Aer Lingus Landed
21:55 BA5979 London British Airways Landed
22:05 FR293 London Ryanair Landed
22:10 FR8512 Hamburg Ryanair Landed
22:15 EI277 Birmingham Aer Lingus Landed
22:15 BA2107 Birmingham British Airways Landed
22:20 EI611 Amsterdam Aer Lingus Landed
22:20 BA8969 Amsterdam British Airways Landed
22:25 KL939 Amsterdam KLM Landed
22:25 G35566 Amsterdam Gol Landed
22:25 KQ939 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Landed
22:25 MF9758 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Landed
22:25 SU3297 Amsterdam Aeroflot Landed
22:25 VS5519 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Landed
22:25 LH982 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
22:25 OS7471 Frankfurt Austrian Landed
22:30 EI499 Faro Aer Lingus Landed
22:30 EI587 Malaga Aer Lingus Landed
22:30 BA8955 Malaga British Airways Landed
22:40 FR338 London Ryanair
22:40 EI249 London Aer Lingus Landed
22:40 BA5919 London British Airways Landed
22:40 FR3007 Amsterdam Ryanair Landed
22:45 FR4283 Bratislava Ryanair Landed
22:45 FR819 Edinburgh Ryanair Landed
22:50 FR7033 Faro Ryanair Landed
22:50 FR6394 Barcelona Ryanair
22:55 FR119 London Ryanair
22:55 EI783 Las Palmas Aer Lingus Landed
22:55 EY7988 Las Palmas Etihad Airways Landed
23:00 FR1024 Budapest Ryanair Landed
23:00 FR559 Manchester Ryanair Landed
23:05 FR1977 Riga Ryanair Landed
23:05 FR2413 Memmingen Ryanair Landed
23:05 FR9435 Rome Ryanair Landed
23:10 FR5775 Glasgow Ryanair Landed
23:10 EI765 Tenerife Aer Lingus Landed
23:10 EY7984 Tenerife Etihad Airways Landed
23:10 A3630 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
23:15 EI779 Lanzarote Aer Lingus Landed
23:15 FR9451 Venice Ryanair Landed
23:20 FR4845 Milan Ryanair
23:25 FR7200 Lanzarote Ryanair Landed
23:25 FR6743 Billund Ryanair Landed
23:30 FR175 Newcastle Ryanair Landed
23:35 FR7355 Chania Ryanair Landed
23:50 EI377 Bourgas Aer Lingus En Route
23:50 FR7120 Tenerife Ryanair En Route
23:55 FR9998 Palma de Mallorca Ryanair En Route
23:55 FR7047 Malaga Ryanair En Route
23:59 FR5323 Szczecin Ryanair En Route

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Dublin Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Company Status
22:00 3V4108 Liege ASL Airlines Belgium Landed
22:25 FR668 Birmingham Ryanair Landed
22:35 FR298 London Ryanair Landed
23:59 A3631 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled

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Source: www.dublinairport.com
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