Athens airport Arrivals / Departures

Contry - Greece
City - Athens
Name of the Airport - Athens
GPS - 37.94, 23.95
Address - Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 04, Greece
Phone - +30 21 0353 0000
Terminals - 2
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Arrivals and Departures - Timetable (+2 GMT)

Athens Airport - Arrivals

TIme Flight Departure Status
18:00 A3721 Lisbon Arrived
OA379 Mykonos Arrived
OA247 Samos Arrived
GQ461 Karpathos Arrived
GQ213 Heraklion Arrived
TO4620 Nantes Arrived
TO3528 Paris ORY Arrived
OA319 Heraklion Arrived
GQ253 Chania Arrived
HV6709 Eindhoven Arrived
19:00 BA632 London LHR Arrived
OA069 Paros Arrived
OA285 Corfu Arrived
GQ355 Santorini Arrived
EZS1153 Basel Arrived
A3693 Nantes Arrived
OA359 Santorini Arrived
IB3280 Madrid Arrived
GQ413 Milos Arrived
FR1270 Milan.Bergamo Arrived
EJU5937 Berlin TXL Arrived
20:00 A3823 Berlin TXL Arrived
TO4826 Lyon Arrived
OA255 Mitilini Arrived
OA225 Kos Arrived
OA337 Chania Arrived
CA863 Beijing Arrived
A3645 Bordeaux Arrived
V72482 Marseille Arrived
EZY8087 London LGW Arrived
FR7805 London LTN Arrived
OA079 Skiathos Arrived
A3613 Paris CDG Arrived
A3647 Lyon Arrived
21:00 OA267 Limnos Arrived
OA211 Rhodes Arrived
W62885 Vienna Arrived
FR4941 Memmingen Arrived
OA279 Chios Arrived
OA907 Larnaca Arrived
A3665 Milan MXP Arrived
A3867 Prague Arrived
EZY1945 Manchester Arrived
A3873 Warsaw Arrived
OA127 Thessaloniki Arrived
EZY6965 Edinburgh Arrived
OA321 Heraklion Arrived
OA361 Santorini Arrived
22:00 A3695 Marseille Arrived
A3603 London LHR Arrived
BA634 London LHR Arrived
A3833 Frankfurt Arrived
23:00 FR6029 Malta Arrived
LH1756 Munich Arrived
FR4520 Chania Arrived
00:00 AZ722 Rome FCO Arrived
AF1032 Paris CDG Arrived
01:00 LH1284 Frankfurt Arrived
KL1581 Amsterdam Arrived
03:00 A3609 London LHR Expected
04:00 A3639 Manchester
06:00 A3931 Cairo
OA301 Heraklion
07:00 OA101 Thessaloniki
OA351 Santorini
OA201 Rhodes
08:00 W64561 Larnaca
09:00 FR1233 Santorini
GQ011 Astypalaia
OA353 Santorini
FR1243 Budapest
GQ031 Kalymnos
EW2684 Stuttgart

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Athens Airport - Departures

Time Flight Arrival Status
18:00 OA336 Chania Departure
LX1839 Zurich Departure
OA078 Skiathos Departure
OA266 Limnos Departure
19:00 FR691 Kefallonia Departure
TO3529 Paris ORY Departure
A3608 London LHR Departure
A3638 Manchester Departure
TO4621 Nantes Departure
OA126 Thessaloniki Departure
OA278 Chios Departure
GQ216 Heraklion Departure
OA320 Heraklion Departure
OA360 Santorini Departure
BA633 London LHR Departure
HV6710 Eindhoven Departure
20:00 IB3281 Madrid Departure
EZS1154 Basel Departure
FR1260 Milan.Bergamo Departure
EJU5938 Berlin TXL Departure
TO4827 Lyon Departure
FR7806 London LTN Departure
V72483 Marseille Departure
21:00 FR690 London STN Cancelled
EZY8088 London LGW Departure
FR4521 Chania Departure
W62886 Vienna Departure
22:00 CA864 Beijing Departure
OA218 Rhodes Departure
EZY1946 Manchester Departure
EZY6966 Edinburgh Departure
OA328 Heraklion Departure
OA364 Santorini Departure
23:00 OA136 Thessaloniki Departure
FR6028 Malta Departure
A3930 Cairo Departure
02:00 ET3761 Addis Ababa
06:00 AF1033 Paris CDG
KL1572 Amsterdam
LH1757 Munich
AZ717 Rome FCO
GQ001 Kastoria
GQ010 Astypalaia
07:00 FR1232 Santorini
OA352 Santorini
LH1285 Frankfurt
FR2614 Katowice
GQ030 Kalymnos
FR2823 Tel Aviv TLV
OA252 Mitilini
OA332 Chania
08:00 OA240 Samos
BA631 London LHR
OA902 Larnaca
A3830 Frankfurt
A3730 Malta
OA202 Rhodes
A3610 Paris CDG
A3808 Stuttgart
OA062 Paros
A3868 Krakow
A3870 Warsaw
A3820 Berlin TXL
A3802 Munich
OA020 Milos
A3824 Hamburg
W64562 Larnaca
09:00 A3760 Stockholm ARN
OA222 Kos
OA016 Naxos
A3600 London LHR
A3840 Dusseldorf
FR4978 Vilnius
GQ410 Milos
OA282 Corfu
OA030 Leros
FR1242 Budapest

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